“APA has given me the opportunity to meet some of the cities most extraordinary talents, and because of that I’ve been able to build my network and create successful events for the fashion industry here in San Diego.”

Naadine Koi, founder of Stilletto Evolution Networking Group San Diego

“Thanks to the fantastic Allison of APA Consulting for the kind words. Discover SD did an interview with the lovely Allison Andrews about what’s next for her and her consulting firm. She gave facevalue a nice plug. She’s rad. If you’re in the fashion biz and need some help, contact her. She’s on point. “The Soft and Hard sides of Fall Fashion” I’m sure you’ve seen this logo around SD.”

Vincent Marjes owner of Facevalue Little Italy

“Allison Andrews and Nostika Magazine created the most professional, sophisticated, on-point spread for Moda/Fashion in the September 07 issue of the magazine. You would expect to see something of this marketing caliber in a national magazine, like Vogue or Maxim.”

Elise Purcell, owner JEP Boutique La Jolla

“Allison has a passion and energy for her work that is infectious. Spearheading an ambitious undertaking like the first-ever Fashion Week San Diego and executing it with such class and courage as she did, despite a few unanticipated bumps along the way, just completely blew our team away. We have tremendous respect for her and what she has accomplished, not to mention her fearless, savvy approach to challenging projects, and we can’t wait to work with her & APA Consulting again.”

Sarah Daoust, 944 Editor San Diego

“My business relationship with Allison Andrews, goes back a couple of years now. We first met at a SD Fashion event that APA consulting was throwing. I was thrilled to meet someone who was bringing the buzz, excitement and unity to SD’s very slumber Fashion community. This hard working fashionista seems to be one of the major Fashion power players who always seems to be spearheading any fashion event we attend in San Diego. She is so dedicated, devoted and happy about keeping San Diego as hip as possible! We clearly know SD is not a major fashion mecca such as NYC, Paris or Milan, but APA consulting, 944 magazine and all of the events contributors brought an event to life that truly sparked San Diego’s Rebirth of Cool!”

Jeff Catalano, Lust 4 luxe San Diego

“Allison is results-focused and an effective leader with proven ability to inspire and motivate those around her. She works exhaustively to build new business for her clients. Allison has a talent for proactively identifying and resolving problems, and thrive on difficult or nearly impossible projects. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry and its ever changing business needs propels her to the top of the industry”

Kellie Nail, Nokia San Diego

“Allison and I know one another through Toastmasters. She recently became a competent communicator, an achievement for completing ten speeches. Less than 10% of professionals that join Toastmasters reach this status. Allison plans on helping the Ronald McDonald House Charities Casino Night Fundraiser in October through her influence and expertise in marketing. Allison has character, ambition, and heart and she already is a successful entrepreneur!”

Liam Dunfey, University Advisors Admission Specialists San Diego