APA Consulting Testimonials

“Allison has helped my business in so many ways. Mainly, she has given me the confidence to push through obstacles that may hinder growth on both the business and personal side. That edge coupled with an impressive amount of knowledge for the fashion and merchandising world is more than one could ask for in a consultant and also a teacher. She is a directive leader while also having the ability to take direction and assumes whatever role appropriate for success. She truly is the whole package.”

-Vanessa Murnane  Owner & Head Designer of Amorcito Jewelry 

“APA consulting has immensely helped me as a small business owner to develop various opportunities to create income streams while holding on to the value proposition of my brand and desired price points.

Additionally, APA saved me countless hours by providing quick strategies to grow the brand and expert marketing advice regarding my specific industry, product and target audience. I recommend APA, as the founder Allison Andrews quickly identifies problems and offers viable solutions to implement.

As an APA consultee, I have confidence in the business advice given and know I will see immediate results.”

Gwen B. Owner of GFASH Jewelry

“Lynn and I recently visited San Diego to help our daughter, Loni, do some maintenance on a property she purchased. During our stay, Loni invited us to attend the “Business of Fashion Workshop” put on by Allison Andrews. Background: Loni has been actively involved in an annual event called Fashion Week San Diego and also offers pro bono legal advice for clothing designers. Realizing the fashionista that I am, I couldn’t turn down the offer.

Allison did an amazing job of applying simple best practice ideas and advice on how fashion designers could become more successful in their profession. It took me no time at all to recognize everything she was talking about would also apply to our financial planning and advising practices.

One of her tips was -Be a Humble Warrior.
This almost sounds like a contradiction of terms but if you think about, they go so well together. Being humble and recognizing that as individuals we do not have all the answers and have so much to learn about the clients and profession that we serve.

But also be strong and committed to getting in front of those centers of influence (COI)–that can really help your practice grow. This especially applies to Superintendents, business managers, and all administrators. Being persistent (another tip from Allison) getting appointments with these people to illustrate how you can help them as individuals and how you can help their employees, while being humble and respectful of their time, can only grow your practices more efficiently.

Ironically, the Country singer Tim McGraw has a popular song out called “Always be Humble and Kind”. One verse says it best, “When the dreams you’re dreamin’ come to you, when the work you put in is realized, Let yourself feel the pride but always stay humble and kind.”

Kent M.

“Allison, your services have been invaluable and I appreciate the passion and dedication through the whole process. You made me feel as though my project, a case study, was just as important as anyone else’s even though it was somewhat on the smaller scale. I would definitely refer you to family, friends and business colleges as a reputable consultant to work with!”

Theresa B. Vice President of Insurance Agency

“You cannot afford to not hire Allison. She took our overall concept and ideas and streamlined it into the perfect campaign. During our meeting the lightbulb turned on and it led to us creating a successful event that is projected to sell out. You truly need her business savvy on your side.”

Amy Ulkutekin, Co-Owner of Best Coast Beer Fest

“When I became a Designer in FWSD, I had just started my jewelry design business and it proved to be an important stepping stone for helping me launch my brand. During that 8-month process of preparation for the show, Allison and her team were always available for advice, not just relating to FWSD, but to the overall daily operations of building my brand whether it involved branding, sales, and financing, etc. This was extremely helpful as I was breaking into a new fast-paced industry and needed guidance on how to navigate it successfully. Her and her team are still available to me today even though this years’ FWSD has completed. That goes a really long way with me.”

Yuwei Lee, Yuwei Designs

“I produced and hosted an event on Fashion Law at the law school on November 15th with an awesome panel of speakers, including Deborah Greaves, General Counsel at True Religion Jeans. Allison was also a speaker and provided invaluable insight into the business side of the Fashion Industry arising out of her experience as the President of APA Consulting & Founder of Fashion Week San Diego. Allison’s speaking style was very exciting to all in attendance—she has a wealth of knowledge, but even more is an inspirational speaker. Her talk on the emergence of San Diego as a center of fashion was both far-sighted and funny. Allison is great on her feet and in answering questions. There was no doubt based on audience reaction that her speech was a hit—everyone enjoyed her humor, humanity and fluid yet approachable speaking style. As an organizer of many conferences and a public speaker around the country, I was flat-out impressed by Allison’s content and delivery and her ability to connect with audiences.”

Professor K.J. Greene Thomas Jefferson Law School

“Allison and her team are not only fabulous fierce women. They are extremely professional, exceptionally resourceful and are completely passionate about our business, Urban Skin Care. They immediately became team members. Supporting us and driving our social media up with in a weeks of working with them. We have complete trust in them and are grateful to have them apart of our Business Consultant team!! Thanks girls!!”

Larissa & Erin Urban Skin Care Girls

“As the President of the North County San Diego County Chapter of the California Society of Tax Consultants, it was my pleasure to work with Allison Andrews of APA Consulting during a marketing campaign that we launched.
Like most non profit volunteer organizations, we found that our marketing efforts needed some direct attention on a limited budget. Allison worked with us and delivered the “biggest bang for our buck”.
In the short cmpaing of 3 months, she was able to make hundreds of direct contacts with potential members, she developed a database of email contacts, created a mailing list of over 700 potential members who we reached out to, set up meetings for direct contact with industry related groups so we could make presentations to them, and she laid a foundation with new technology for us to continue our efforts to promote our organization.
Allison is energetic, enthusiastic, and on top of her projects!”

Linda Beckett, Enrolled Agent, 2011-2012 President North San Diego Chapter, CSTC

“APA’s success is the direct result of Allison’s commitment to her clients and her sheer determination to rise to any challenge. Allison is as entertaining as she is professional, and I find great pleasure and pride in working with her!”

Kimberly Lim, Owner of Collectivehabit.com

“A chance meeting turned into a life long relationship and a powerful team member with APA Business Consulting. Together we are the dynamic duo and have driven our company to great levels of change and success. The passion with which she approaches everyday is contagious. The smarts she brings to the table are well beyond her years of life. The commitment to her clients is unbending and palpable. We are lucky to have Allison as our team mate and our friend.”

Susan Jentzsch, Owner of MODA by Sofia

“APA Consulting has helped me immeasurably, from designing and creating my window displays, to promoting and staffing events at our store, to re-merchandising to help re-invigorate sales. I always see results!”

Kyle Olewnik, owner Style Child Boutique
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