Merrilee ~ Photography by Me

It has been such a pleasure working with you and I just wanted to take a minute and let you to know how much I have appreciated our sessions so far. I feel like I am really getting my photography business off to a fabulous start with a solid foundation and there is now way that I could have done this on my own. Your expertise has helped me learn how to interact with and manage my clients in an efficient and personalized way. Not only am I feeling more confident about my existing client base, but you have given me so many great strategies for branching out and bringing in new business. I am consistently impressed with all of your ideas for marketing, organizing, and just running a successful business. So many of your ideas are things that I never would have come up with myself – I am so grateful for all of your knowledge and experience.

I wanted you to know that the hour we spent together before I attended the photography convention was invaluable. I got so much more from the convention than I would have otherwise. It really helped to have a framework and mindset in place so that I could focus on bringing home the information most relevant to my business. Thanks for helping me strategize effectively!

I also really appreciate your focus on running a profitable business and educating me in how to do that. I am always amazed at how much we can accomplish in just an hour together and I love leaving with hands-on tools and strategies that I can use right away. Your timelines and calendars have been priceless and it feels great to have a daily/weekly/monthly system in place. I now feel like I am so much more organized and have a much better grasp on where my business is headed.

I feel very blessed that our paths crossed at the perfect time! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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