Kent M.

“Lynn and I recently visited San Diego to help our daughter, Loni, do some maintenance on a property she purchased. During our stay, Loni invited us to attend the “Business of Fashion Workshop” put on by Allison Andrews. Background: Loni has been actively involved in an annual event called Fashion Week San Diego and also offers pro bono legal advice for clothing designers. Realizing the fashionista that I am, I couldn’t turn down the offer.

Allison did an amazing job of applying simple best practice ideas and advice on how fashion designers could become more successful in their profession. It took me no time at all to recognize everything she was talking about would also apply to our financial planning and advising practices.

One of her tips was -Be a Humble Warrior.
This almost sounds like a contradiction of terms but if you think about, they go so well together. Being humble and recognizing that as individuals we do not have all the answers and have so much to learn about the clients and profession that we serve.

But also be strong and committed to getting in front of those centers of influence (COI)–that can really help your practice grow. This especially applies to Superintendents, business managers, and all administrators. Being persistent (another tip from Allison) getting appointments with these people to illustrate how you can help them as individuals and how you can help their employees, while being humble and respectful of their time, can only grow your practices more efficiently.

Ironically, the Country singer Tim McGraw has a popular song out called “Always be Humble and Kind”. One verse says it best, “When the dreams you’re dreamin’ come to you, when the work you put in is realized, Let yourself feel the pride but always stay humble and kind.”

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