Services & Fees

Business Development

For startups, we focus on creating a solid business foundation that prepares them to handle growth. This can include business plan writing including financials, website creation, strategic planning, and how to choose a business identity.

For existing businesses, we assist with launching new products or services or providing solutions when business growth has become a challenge.

Brand Development

We provide strategic brand cultivation that can include social media management, logo and tagline creation, website development, marketing plan and email campaign development and execution, and capturing analytics on your exposure efforts. We also offer a trend forecasting and brand comparison service. We have partnerships with writers and editors, graphic and web designers, SEO companies, and printers to provide you with quality, cost-effective creative services.

Event Planning Services

APA Consulting specializes in Event Planning with a purpose.

Whether it’s to launch a product, introduce a brand to consumers, B2B, B2C, Grand Opening, or for fundraising, our event planning services always produce results. We work with you and your budget to make sure the results, media and right consumers are there.  This is project based and we look forward to hearing your ideas for a business event.

1-2-1’s / Power Hours

1-2-1’s  & Power Hours are sessions with just Allison to touch base and make plans. We like to refer to them as like getting your oil changed in your car, quick and a easy service that will ensure continued success on the road. Allison can be a sound board to bounce ideas off, discuss challenges and help come up with creative strategic action plans. This is ideal for an entrepreneur that wants accountability  &  assistance on staying on track to reach company goals. This is low cost and can be a very small investment with big returns in your business.