Free Handbook #1 How to Write a Business Plan

This handbook will help guide you to write the 14 sections that are part of an excellent business plan. Learn tips about how to plan your time to complete this crucial step to creating a solid business, a document that will be your roadmap to success. Enjoy writing it and congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a business owner.

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Free Handbook #2 Licenses & Permits What Ones Do You Need?

This handbook will help guide you through the process of obtaining the licenses and permits you need to be a legal business…without overwhelming you. There are several licenses and permits you need to receive before you can even open a business banking account. These are crucial to becoming a legal business and having the proper business identity.
Follow these steps and celebrate by receiving your business license.

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Free Handbook #3 Starting and Operating An Online Business

This handbook will help guide you to become one of the successful online businesses. As of 2009, more than 50% of Americans buy online…and that number is only rising. You don’t even have to sell goods to have an ecommerce site; offer handbooks like this, host fee-based webinars or accept donations if you operate a non-profit organization. There are many reasons to have a place online and take advantage of the billions of dollars spent on the Internet. Take advantage of these tips to become a leader in the online marketplace!

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Free Handbook #4 Marketing Your Online Business

This handbook will help you market your own online business in a very savvy, low-cost way. Without the proper marketing, any website will just sit on the Internet waiting to be found…so it’s not doing its job for you.
Your website needs to be a fisherman casting the largest net to grab the most fish; it can’t just sit in the boat and hope fish will jump in. This handbook covers Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, social networking, blogs and affiliates.
Enjoy these great tips and learn new lessons to make your online business more profitable.

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Free Handbook #5: Cash Flow & Open to Buy

This handbook will help you maintain the correct amount of merchandise, pay for it and still have money in your business checking account. Having the right amount of merchandise at all times is a strategy and how you buy it can change your cash flow dramatically. This handbook will teach you some tools and strategies to make sure you are making money while making sure customers get the products they want.

Retail Inventory &Cash Flow Handbook