Case Study One

Increasing Membership and Awareness

The North County chapter of the California Society of Tax Consultants (NCCSTC) retained APA Business Consulting for a three-month case study focused on increasing membership and group awareness. In that short amount of time, we were able to double the year’s efforts in new membership and create a database of more than 8,000 potential members.
We also established a pipeline network with the local colleges to reach out to younger prospects, focusing our communications efforts within social media. We created a social media chair position that was filled by a college intern who was eager for the experience and doesn’t cost the group any money to manage. During the quarter-long case study, we reached our goals and set up a system and foundation that empowers the group to have continued growth and success.

Case Study Two

Growing a Business from an Idea

MODA by Sofia started with a great idea. The founder Susan came to APA Consulting after having launched her brand out of her home. She was taking prefabricated clothing adding embellishments and selling online as well as at children’s parities.
There was something missing, it was a great start, but need to go the extra mile.
Susan decided her true passion was to embower women and with the help of APA Consulting began manufacturing her own line of high quality performance wear for a curvy woman. MODAperfromance was a hit right out of the gate and the company had very fast growth. With the launch of line needed to move to an office building, hire staff and event a PR firm.
The best testament to what APA Consulting can do for it’s clients is help them grow their businesses to the point that they don’t need us anymore and need to hire dedicated full time staff. We are honored and pleased to say this case study is the ideal situation that we strive for with all our clients.